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First Week _ 22nd January-29th January _ Alasitas Fair

Arrival & General Introduction of Visiting School, Brief and Schedule.
In the first week, students will have to create their own narrative, choosing a character of the Diablada (Bolivian traditional dance) and combining it with their personal cultural background. In the following days, they will have to visit the Alasitas Festival, collecting fragments and pieces, creating an iconographic catalogue for the previously constructed narrative. With the selected fragments, they will have to start building their own artifacts through drawings and models.
Workplaces: Universidad Catolica Boliviana San Pablo, Graciela Rodo Boulanger’s studio.

Second Week _ 30th January-3rd Feburary _ El Alto

The second week is centered on the discovery of El Alto, analyzing the topography, customs, and differences with others parts of La Paz. There will be two different workshops with the participation of Mario Sarabia and Freddy Mamani Silvestre. The first days will be dedicated to transform each narrative into a tridimensional model, objectifying ideas through aesthetics and material qualities. Then the students will start to edit the different fragments and translate them into architectural components, following new constraints, but still keeping the original symbolic meaning.
Workplaces: Mario Sarabia’s studio, Teatro Trono

Third Week _ 3rd February-11th February _ Oruro

During the third week the students will start to assemble their individual outcomes into a single architectural project. Each model or set of fragments will be metaphorically treated as a character of the Diablada, therefore the resulting collective design will be based on its choreography. We will see how the dancers choose different costumes and masks and how the overall parade is organized. Following the features of this folkloristic and religious ritual, the resulting piece of architecture will constitute an identitarian assemblage. After the final presentation hosted in a cholet, the students will travel to Oruro, where they will be able to participate to the Carnival.
Workplaces: Teatro Trono, Cholet Crucero del Sur