Programme Heads

Lemonot is a design and research platform co-founded by Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri, who graduated together from the Architectural Association in London in 2016. Their work investigates architectural production and its implications on other disciplines. They use Architecture as a methodology to reach different outcomes: from toys to pastry tools, from tattoos to story-telling. They have been teaching at the AA Summer School since 2016, at Cambridge University and at INDA International Program in Design and Architecture in Bangkok, Thailand.

Freddy Mamani Silvestre spent the last two decades developing a new typology in Architecture – “salon des eventos” or “cholets” for the highest city in the world. He has now completed more than 300 buildings in El Alto, a million-strong conurbation that sprawls across the 4,000-metre-high Altiplano above the capital of La Paz, and garnered global attention for his startling vision of Las Vegas in the Andes. He has been invited at the MET in New York and in Paris, exhibiting at the Fondation Cartier. He has been collaborating with the AAVS since 2017

Collaborators and Guests:

Delphine Blast, Patricio Crooker, Tara Daly, Michael Dunn, July Fabbri, Ronald Grebe Crespo, Andrew Kovacs, Daniel Runnels, Manuel Seoane