Sabrina Morreale (Programme Head)

(Rome, 1990) AADip graduate 2016. She worked in several offices as architectural assistant in London, Italy, Thailand and Cambodia. She taught at the Istituto Marangoni, linking fashion with architectural artefacts. She is also collaborating with various magazines as illustrator and with the RIBA as curator assistant. Her projects have always been related to the idea of fragmentation, using different media, enhancing the process of how things are made and assembled together. In the last two years she has been teaching at the AA Summer School 2016, investigating the Gif as a medium to construct space and ideas.

Lorenzo Perri (Programme Head)

(Florence, 1989) received his Diploma with Honours at the AA in 2016, finalist at the YTAA European Award. He worked as a consultant for Dip 8 and Inter 7 at the AA, while participating to several international competitions. He is a co-founder of the research-based Plakat Platform and the Architectural practice Ecòl, whose work has been recently awarded in Italy and Vienna. Obsessed with geometry and aesthetics, precision and expression, before architecture he studied engineering and classical piano.

Lately, they founded lemonot, a platform using architecture as a methodology to reach different outcomes: toys, pastry tools and story-telling. This year they taught Unit 5 at the AA Summer School 2017, exploring kitbashing as a thinking and design process.

Ronald Grebe Crespo (Tutor)

(La Paz, 1989) UCB graduate 2015. His thesis was developing the town of San Jose, in the Bolivian Amazon, taking into account the traditions and heritage of that specific area. He has worked as an Architect and site supervisor for SCB in La Paz. He has been a Bolivia Associate of the “International Design Clinic”, leading the renovation of some unused areas in El Alto and creating work places where people could meet and exchange tools. He taught the First Year at the Universidad Catolica Boliviana San Pablo and he is now
doing his Master in Integrated Architectural Design in La Salle, Barcelona.

Freddy Mamani Silvestre (Tutor)

(Catavi,1965) Self-taught architect Freddy Mamani Silvestre has filled the city of El Alto in Bolivia with his distinctive, curvaceous and colourful architecture. He has completed over 300 buildings in this fanciful “Neo-Andean” style, each incorporating a double-height “salón de eventos”, or party hall. The kitsch trend, known as “spaceship architecture”, is now spreading to other cities across Bolivia, Peru and Argentina.

Collaborators and Guests:

Delphine Blast

Graciela Rodo Boulanger

Fernando Cajias

Alejandra Delgado

Mario Sarabia